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and damn proud of it.

We are a full service creative agency based out of Alexandria, Virginia specializing in award-winning political media & strategy from Scottsdale to Scottsbluff and from New Galarus to New York.

The Hereford Agency has been recognized for being on the front lines of and delivering wins in many of the toughest and most expensive races in America.


Voters are overwhelmed every day with messages from commercial and political advertisers on television, radio, the internet, and other sources. In this ever-challenging marketplace, it is difficult for a candidate to cut through the clutter and communicate with voters. 


THA clients have been successful because we recognize that effective political advertising requires creativity, simplicity, and authenticity. 

The Hereford Agency clients receive more attention and more effective, creative advertising for their dollar than our competitors.

We are not a one stop shop, we focus on what we do best and want to be a valuable part of a winning team and a long term partner in your political career.


The Hereford Agency is one of the few political media firms equipped to produce your video and audio content 100% in house with creative professionals who are at the top of their field. Writing, producing, filming, graphics, editing, audio and finishing are all done in house ensuring confidentiality, consistency and value.

Let’s Work Together

908 King St

Alexandria, VA 22314

Tel: 307-200-9293

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